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Glad you are back on line... I was beginning to think you had gone native.
Love the frog picture... Word of warning... don't let a frog get near your watering can. We had one last summer stuck in the spout of ours. Des spent an age making an implement to poke the frog back down without injuring him (piece of bamboo with a bit of kitchen sponge attached... in case you are curious)
Keep up the commentary...I am thoroughly enjoying travelling without leaving my desk!


Paul Twocock

Jill, glad you're enjoying our round the world exploits - not surprised at your frog story, one of our tribe in Fiji got in somehow overnight and didn't seem that bothered about leaving the lounge no matter how much time we spent cajoling him with a magazine. New blog and photos up on the Cook Islands - animal antics with dogs, cucumbers and humuhumunukunukupua'a fish: should be right up your street! Enjoy. First Tahiti blog by end of the weekend - promise! Love Paul xx

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