> 37 Guatemala

Our hotel room Antigua
Fountain of the fallen Madonnas with the spraying boobies
Fountain with the spraying boobies
Streets of Antigua
Antigua and the volcano dominates
Lets hope it don't blow
Antigua with the volcano
Courtyard at hotel in Antigua
Monkeys in the jungle
What's that through the trees
Tikal 8
Tikal 7
We're going to the top
Tikal 6
Tikal 5
The lost world
Tikal 3
Indiana Twocock
Indiana Jones
Tikal 4
Tikal 2
Tikal 1
Tree top view of Tikal
The Lost Mayan Jungle City of Tikal
Jungle view of Tikal
Lake Atitlan
Volcanoes of Lake Atitlan