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Jacky Peters

Hi Paul & David
Steve & I have just caught with your hilarious,but informative blog.
Carry on the good work. All of us back here in Blighty really appreciate the sacrifice you two are making for your fellow countrymen. If it were not for intrepid explorers as yourselves,who stare danger in the face and boldly travel the earth to learn about these strange lands and peoples, to suffer daily, eating strange food, Foriegn wines, having to swim in so many pools, observe so much wildlife and generally have a hard time, day in day out. Where would we all be? WE shall all learn from this.
But to save any embarrasment later, NO, we don't have a spare room.

Love Jacky
P.S. I cannot understand why you were not mentioned in the New Years Honours List. Such Fun.

Claire Troughton

Hi Guys I hope Costa Rica has proved the hot spot for the new year. This blog is fantastic and I love learning more about South America. Keep it up.

Love Claire T

Jill Fowler

Hello Paul and David
We have been following your blog and agree with Jack that you are doing us proud! Can't wait to read the Novel.. if Paul ever finds the time during your adventures to get it finished.
We DO have a spare room but unfortunately have converted it to an office which could not possibly, under any circumstance, ever, be used as temporary accomodation for returning (skint) explorers. Sorry

Jill & Des

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